About us

Laetitia Kingsford

Laetitia Kingsford teaches people in how to receive messages of Higher Wisdom and Unity Consciousness in the pristine space of our Hearts. Originally working in documentary television, in 1999 a serious back injury forced her to become immobile for 3 years. During this time she developed a strong conversation with her Heart and solutions soon came to her on how she could heal her back injury. Since then she has been receiving messages from her Higher Self, Over Self, God Source, Archangels, Cosmic Light Beings, and Ascended Masters.

Laetitia has worked as a documentary director, organized international youth exchanges and co-founded several organizations such as the ‘Netwerk MediAVrouwen’ (Women in AudioVisual Media), the Be Foundation and the Foundation for Visual Messages.

Laetitia was educated in Documentary Film, Social Studies, Music, Intuition, Aura Reading, Energy Healing, Metaphysics and Spiritual Consciousness, Cosmic Law and Sacred Geometry.

Over the past 25 years Laetitia has been learning on a daily basis from Source and her Teachers in the higher dimensions .

Our Mission

The Mission of the Heart Portal Foundation is to inspire people to use their Heart thoughts to find their own Divine Wisdom. Becoming independent of the wisdom of others, of teachers and guru’s. Listening to our ever patient Heart Wisdom transforms every one of our issues out of Duality Consciousness into Unity Consciousness. Listening to this wisdom generates unconditional love for ourselves and consequently for the people around us.

Listening to this wisdom opens our Heart Portal, filling our cells and aura’s with divine light. When conversations with our Heart become a regular habit, this divine light leads us to be radiant beings generating joy into the world around us.

The Heart Portal is the purest way for God Source – Higher Self – I AM Presence to inspire us and work through us all into the world around us.

When we have been trained, the Heart Portal is also our doorway to higher dimensional worlds and consciousness.

The Heart Portal Foundation’s goal is to raise our awareness about the many functions of the Spiritual Heart. Thus working towards a planet of Peace, Love and Unity Consciousness.