Heart Wisdom Training

You are invited to train crystal clear discernment between the intensely wise - spot on - loving - thoughts of your true SELF, and the mental thoughts of your ego self. Your life will never be the same. No more dependencies on your emotions, your friends, your guru, your lama, your teacher, your therapist. Free yourself ! Start communicating with your divine real SELF in your heart ! Train with Laetitia Kingsford in Amsterdam in groups or in private sessions
Location: Spiritual Centre De Roos P.C.Hooftstraat-Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Private sessions giving you insights

Insights in your current situation and difficult decisions. Insights come from my Over Self and our God Source.
Also private sessions in Contacting your Higher Self Location for all private sessions: my houseboat in Central Amsterdam. Contact me at 0622874224

Heart Messages

Messages from the Heart
of the Divine Mother

Know Your Strength

My People, my All,
So beloved by the Queen of Hearts
Will you follow me?
“I Am” is where you and me are One
Will you use your I Am Presence?
Your strength is much needed
to overcome the fears that are scattered
upon this planet by your media
Do not take them seriously
Be One and know: I Am
Look at your greatness
Look at your radiance
All of your beloved hearts are opening
Be One and cast out fear
Fear is undermining your planet
and this is why fear is being instilled on you
Don’t buy into fear, my beloveds
Be strong, be your radiant hearts
Connect with your I Am Presence
Conquering all emotions
Be One with Her!

Your Heart of Hearts