Heart Wisdom Training

You are invited to train crystal clear discernment between the intensely wise - spot on - loving - thoughts of your true SELF, and the mental thoughts of your ego self. Your life will never be the same. No more dependencies on your emotions, your friends, your guru, your lama, your teacher, your therapist. Free yourself ! Start communicating with your divine real SELF in your heart ! Train with Laetitia Kingsford in Amsterdam in groups or in private sessions
Location: Spiritual Centre De Roos P.C.Hooftstraat-Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Private sessions giving you insights

Insights in your current situation and difficult decisions. Insights come from my Over Self and our God Source.
Also private sessions in Contacting your Higher Self Location for all private sessions: my houseboat in Central Amsterdam. Contact me at 0622874224

Heart Messages

Messages from the Heart
of the Divine Mother


All phenomena can better be understood when your viewpoint is multi-dimensionality. The earth, your body, the world of plants and the animal kingdom are living simultaneously on different dimensional levels .
If your view of science restricts itself to only the material dimension, it will have no true answers only hypotheses and it should prepare itself for a rude awakening. Will you realize that you yourself are a victim of manipulations coming from the twilight of number? We are telling you, it is all light that is shining. Numbers are masterful inter-dimensional constructions, creations that should not be disguised but used to enrich the human being. Your earthly level is one-sided and misleading. You have no view from where you are. It is only a blindfold that separates you from reality.

See your own heart as an example. A beating heart that separates and pumps your blood. What can the heart do without me? Your Father? Do you think your heart knows itself without her Source, the inter-dimensional Father of Hearts? Are you blind? Are you One with all phenomena? Would you thoroughly examine your heart please? It is a precious inter-dimensional portal. A sitar. A banjo. She fills you with strings. She wants to hear everything you have to say. She will move you to undertake great deeds. Your heart: this is your guide.
Rest assured, your heart consists of many levels. Levels of consciousness and levels of access. The portal to life. The portal to heaven. The portal to inner strength. The portal to the highest divine intelligence.
You and your portal. How pure is your portal? Is she still snowed-under with old values? With emotions from former times that have not yet been solved and released? Why not start playing another guitar and wipe yourself clean? Your portal will prosper and your heart will never abandon you.

One heart is no heart
Two hearts is a demi-heart
Three hearts is a golden heart of joyfulness and truth.
At your service,
Your Father of all Hearts