Your Heart Wisdom

You are invited to train crystal clear discernment between the intensely wise, spot on, loving thoughts of your higher SELF, and the mental thoughts of your ego self. Your life will never be the same. No more dependencies on your emotions, your friends, your guru, your lama, your teacher, your therapist. Free yourself! Start communicating with your true SELF in your heart! Train with Laetitia Kingsford in Amsterdam in April-May 2018 or Sept-Oct 2018.

Training Heart Wisdom & Heart Consciousness
4 Monday evenings in April-May
in Laetitia’s Amsterdam Houseboat
English speaking training possible

No judgement 1

Feb 2015

It is easy to have the feeling of being One
All you have to do is open your heart
And all of the sudden
you are exactly where you need to be
In the protected unity
where everyone is together
and where no conflict exists

When you stop judging
then everyone is free
to open their hearts

The Heart