Heart Wisdom Training

You are invited to train crystal clear discernment between the intensely wise - spot on - loving - thoughts of your true SELF, and the mental thoughts of your ego self. Your life will never be the same. No more dependencies on your emotions, your friends, your guru, your lama, your teacher, your therapist. Free yourself ! Start communicating with your divine real SELF in your heart ! Train with Laetitia Kingsford in Amsterdam in groups or in private sessions
Location: Spiritual Centre De Roos P.C.Hooftstraat-Vondelpark, Amsterdam

Private sessions giving you insights

Insights in your current situation and difficult decisions. Insights come from my Over Self and our God Source.
Also private sessions in Contacting your Higher Self Location for all private sessions: my houseboat in Central Amsterdam. Contact me at 0622874224

Heart Messages

Messages from the Heart
of the Divine Mother

A day of Unity for All

In every spiritual movement on your planet we have installed a day of great Joy and Unity. Today is the day of heart sharing of the so called Christians of this world: the people who have been brought up with the story of our Beloved hero Jeshua, who studied so diligently the spiritual wisdom of the Essenes, of Taoism, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism and of many other sages and saints who came on his path.
Beloveds, Jeshua came here to bring unity between all faiths, but this part of his mission was carefully discarded by a few people compensating their lack of ‘power within’ with their ‘power over others’.
Oh beloved people of the Earth, all of you possess such a wonderful blessed heart of astonishing crystalline construction! Please listen to your intelligent hearts when you want to know the truth!

Be with-in
And know you are all ONE
Let’s celebrate this joyous day together!!!

The Heart of all that is Source