Your Heart Wisdom

You are invited to train crystal clear discernment between the intensely wise, spot on, loving thoughts of your higher SELF, and the mental thoughts of your personality-self. Your life will never be the same. No more dependencies on your emotions, your mental constructs, your friends, or any of your teachers. Free yourself! Start communicating with your true SELF in your heart space! Train with Laetitia Kingsford in Amsterdam in the Autumn of 2022 or the Winter of 2023.

Training Heart Wisdom & Heart Consciousness
3 Monday evenings
in Centrum De Roos, Amsterdam
Individual English speaking training possible

Private Consult with Laetitia

Personal advice from our God Source’s divine perspective on your present situation. Contact me at or +31(0)622874224 (WhatsApp).


Suggestions for a two-way conversation.

Our spiritual hearts are like big fine-tuned sensitive flowers with thousands of petals. Its core is like a tunnel leading to the sanctuary of the inner heart.

The outer heart with its sensitive flower petals has had to withstand the feelings of pain during our lives. The petals are partly damaged because they had to form a defensive shield to protect our heart. Damaged petals can always be repaired though.

The inner heart is never damaged. It is a divine space in which we are all connected with our Higher Selves and our God Source and every being of unconditional love and divine wisdom. It is a space of Unity. When we turn our attention to this space we notice the thoughts of the intelligent beings of unconditional love. They don’t talk aloud; they communicate in thoughts. This is the way in which we can communicate with them as well.

The flower petals on the outside are the feeling part of the heart. The part where you often still feel the pain that you have not yet transformed.

The inner divine core does not contain pain: it is a Divine Empty Space. A space of Freedom. Peace. Stillness. Zero point. Creation Point. Where white-golden light beams appear as if coming from a divine dimension, and then radiate outward through the flower petals into our bodies. Filling all our cells with life force, then radiating further out, into our daily goals and towards our fellow human beings.

When you want to listen to the divine thoughts in your inner heart, it helps to visualize this picture. It also helps to place your awareness in the Divine Empty Space where the golden light beams appear. Imagine yourself multiplying those golden light beams into a golden sun, brightening you up. Increasing your frequency, bringing your closer to the frequency of your divine thoughts.


The best way to concentrate on a conversation with your heart is through writing. Write like in a diary, or like in the Morning Pages. With one difference: Put your initial in the margin where you write down your own thoughts, and put your hearts initial in de margin where you find yourself writing down thoughts that did not come from your mind. Your notebook will soon look like a script of a play.

Just start writing what is bothering you. Or describe an issue that you are very curious about. Address this text to your heart. For instance: “Dear my heart. I am not happy with the situation at work concerning…… How can I create a situation where I can thrive and feel productive?”
As long as you don’t receive thoughts that answer your question, just keep on writing. Write write write. This will get the conversation going. Write whatever you feel: your heart will not judge any of your feelings! Your heart is the most compassionate Friend and Teacher in your life. You will soon be overwhelmed with happiness about this friendship.

If you wonder whether your heart has understood what you really wanted to say, know that your heart notices every word you think, feel or say. It is our own listening and interpreting that we need to train.

At first we may deny whatever answering thought comes along. Possible reactions are: “I must have made this up.” “Nobody would ever talk that lovingly to me.” “I don’t want to hear this answer. It must come from my depressed self.” We get confused.
So did I. And I discovered that the way out is to write down WHATEVER you hear. Useful or seemingly useless. Postpone your judgement until later when you have taken distance from the issue.
Our hearts’ thoughts, however simple they may sound, are born in Unity Consciousness (Non Duality) with great love for our life’s path. Therefore we can not always immediately grab the full meaning of these thoughts. A day later, or three weeks later we can. Why? By then we have lost our strong focus on the outcome of our question and we are more open to new suggestions.

How to be certain that it is your heart speaking?

Our heart never sounds demanding, negative, fearful, cynical, sarcastic, ironic. Our hearts will never force us to do something.

Our heart always sounds honest, lighthearted, humorous, touching. It lovingly suggests us into the right direction. Following our heart’s advice transforms our consciousness very rapidly. Not following does not mean we lose our most compassionate friend; your heart loves unconditionally. (This in itself is a life changing experience). Not following just results into an extremely slow transformation of your consciousness. Until the day you find out that your heart is always right. And you will follow right away. And transform rapidly.

Strong emotions may disturb the flow of conversation. Feel your emotions. Say hello to them. Write about them. Discuss them with your heart: your heart will help you to love your emotions unconditionally, and to heal your emotions. Ask your heart for Healing Angels to remove all layers of pain on this issue.

Be honest towards your heart and towards your self, you will then receive the most useful and profound information.